Puffy dark clouds in the sky, concept of worry and fear


The stomach is the most useful and powerful organ in your body. You can pour boiling coffee into it and it will cool the coffee. You can force frozen ice cream into it and it will warm it instantly. Almost any substance or bacteria can be broken down within its acidic chambers. Three-fourths of it …

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A rope


One day a hunter looking for game came upon the apostle John sitting along the Sea of Galilee fishing. He thought that such a mighty man of God must be catching fish to feed the needs of others. Passing by the next day, he saw that John was still sitting in the same spot fishing. …

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sea of clouds over the mountains at dawn


It’s Great to Be One of The King’s Kids! Ever have one of those days that you get so engrossed in what you’re doing, that the world stopped rotating and you didn’t notice? I am having such a day. I spent four hours at my computer and didn’t look at my watch until 12:40 PM, …

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Grayscale shot of a lonely person walking on the beach under dark clouds

The Shadow Knows

When I was a little boy, around kindergarten age, I lived with my grandparents. Once a week, my grandfather would sit me on the couch, give me a donut and a glass of milk, turn on the radio and leave me alone for about fifteen minutes as he retrieved my grandmother from the Catholic church …

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Sailboat in sea on background of mountains

Anchored or Adrift

Dear Friend, Damaged boats, homes, and cars stack up like cordwood along the shore from Miami to St. Pete. Hundreds of boats from small fishing vessels to million-dollar yachts were once firmly anchored just offshore. When Hurricane Ian struck in October 2022, their anchors proved to not be secure enough. I once owned a 25’ …

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Beach Sunset

Welcome to 2023!

Dear Friend, Let me begin by wishing you a truly happy and prosperous New Year. It is my prayer that 2023 is filled with every blessing, that all your desires come to pass, and that it will be a year that will not be wasted. I was reading a letter this morning that was sent …

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Storm thunder clouds above the dunes at the seaside


Is it just me or does it seem like the world is going nuts? I remember my grandfather saying he thought the world was losing its grip in the tumultuous 60’s, following the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King in 1968. His sentiments were echoed by …