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Between the Lightning and the Thunder

From the foot of the cross James, the younger brother of Jesus, is moved along a path interwoven with encounters that link his present-day horror with youthful reflections…


B. F. Randall

A graduate of the University of San Francisco, Global University (ICI), Berean Institute, and attendee of Golden Gate Theological Seminary. Ben was licensed and ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance in 1984. Following his service in the US Army, and a tour in Viet Nam, he served a decade as a Police Officer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and four years as the Assistant Solano County Recorder.

Award-Winning Author of
Biblical & Historical Fiction

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The Bible speaks of the skepticism and disbelief James had in who Jesus claimed to be. So what happened to convince a man filled with uncertainty and doubt to proclaim his own brother to be the Son of God?

It is a journey that anyone can take. And it is a journey that will change your life, just as it did for James.

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