It’s Great to Be One of The King’s Kids!

Ever have one of those days that you get so engrossed in what you’re doing, that the world stopped rotating and you didn’t notice? I am having such a day.

I spent four hours at my computer and didn’t look at my watch until 12:40 PM, twenty minutes before my one-o’clock appointment that was twenty-five minutes away. I hit the road fast and was overjoyed as every light was green, truly God’s grace, for which I thanked Him profusely.

At best I would only be a few minutes late, and taking a well-known shortcut, I hoped to make up for those few minutes. It was a beautiful but narrow two-lane, heavily wooded country road. A perfect environment to calm me before my meeting. I turned on the radio and out poured Amazing Grace. How true, even in my haste God’s grace was providing a way.

Approaching a long curve in the road, a man stood about a half block ahead with a flag and a sign that said stop. Stop! Doesn’t he know that I have a meeting to attend, and God has cleared the way just like He did for Moses at the Red Sea? After ten minutes it was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere. If this crew were paving the way to the Promised Land, Moses would still be in the desert.

All I could do now was make my apologies and set another appointment date. This is when I discovered that my cell phone sat comfortably on my desk. After sitting frustrated and angry for twenty minutes, I was finally on my way. I was a half-hour late as I pulled into the parking lot. Standing outside were the folks I was to meet, and to my surprise, I received hugs and understanding. It wasn’t a green light, but a true expression of grace.

Now sitting here in my office at my computer I wonder what exactly is “grace”? Does it describe a gifted dancer or well-coordinated athlete? Is it someone who is considerate of others, caring, and compassionate? Perhaps it is a person who uses well-chosen and properly articulated words, demonstrating tact and good manners. It could be all these things, and a whole lot more.

There’s a story in the ninth chapter of II Samuel that describes grace in a profound way. Picture in your mind the palace of the greatest earthly king the world has ever known, and the sound of the dinner bell resonating off the castle walls.

King David comes and sits at the head of the table. In a few moments the king’s son, Amnon, sits to his left. Lovely Tamar, the king’s daughter arrives and sits beside Amnon. Two other sons of the king enter, wise Solomon, and devious Absalom, and take a seat. Now that the family is seated, in walks Joab, commander of the king’s army, and behind him, Nathan the prophet. All the royalty, and crowned heads of state are seated, and they wait. The food is prepared, and the table is set. Yet they sit quietly and wait.

A noise comes from the hall outside the dining room that draws the king’s attention. Everyone looks toward the door as the sound of shuffling feet, and the clump, clump, clump of crutches echoes in the corridors.

The doors open and Mephibosheth, the grandson of King Saul, enters and awkwardly finds his place at the table. Slipping into his seat, the tablecloth covers his distorted limbs. At the age of five, his nurse received word that Saul, and his father, Jonathan had been killed. While fleeing with Mephibosheth in her arms the nurse fell causing irreparable damage to the child’s legs.

Mephibosheth was a man broken by circumstance. He could not work, lead, or go into battle. He literally brought nothing to the table. Yet because of David’s love for Jonathan, Mephibosheth lived in a palace, dined at a king’s table, and was received as royalty. He was a man who knew Amazing Grace.

Next time you need a little grace, remember you’re the child of the King, and you don’t need to earn it, the price has already been paid and your seat is reserved at the table.

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See you next time… Ben

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