Between the Lightning and the Thunder

From the foot of the cross James, the younger brother of Jesus, is moved along a path interwoven with encounters that link his present-day horror with youthful reflections. These seemingly chance encounters reveal to him not only the truth about his brother, but moreover about himself. The journey intersects his past with the present, transforming him into a man that will one day be the head of the Jerusalem church and the author of its first apostolic letter. What happened to this man filled with sorrow and anger, who knew Jesus like no other, who did not acknowledge him as the Messiah, but rather a brother whose sanity was in question? What can change a man so dramatically? The answer is found in that momentary space between the lightning and the thunder, where the mind encounters truth and the heart is re-united with God. Deranged brother or promised Messiah, the question remains for each of us.

(Historical/Biblical Fiction – 58,000 words short novel – Status: Complete)

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Biblical & Historical Fiction