Cruising Route 66


This is my first blog. I thought I would just “shoot from the hip,” so-to-speak, but simply rambling would be a horrible waste of your time and mine. An opportunity such as this is too precious to fritter away.
I thought long and hard about what I should bring to the table, then did what I should have done all along, I handed it over to God for direction.

Sitting in my office looking out onto the cud-de-sac where we live, I saw the one thing I will never draw from my bucket list, a red 1961 Chevrolet Corvette convertible, a true work of art. As it disappeared down the street, I remembered when I first fell in love with that gas guzzling hunk of fiberglass. I was 14 years old when two guys, Tod and Buz (character names), roared across our black & white, 21 inch TV screen heading down Route 66 in their 1961 Corvette.

As much as I would like to blog about Corvettes, cross country road trips, and motorcycles, that is not where God wants me to go. I am to blog about God’s Route 66.

Route 66, or U.S. Highway 66, is also known as the Will Rodgers Highway, the Main Street of America, or the Mother Road. It begins in Chicago, Illinois, and runs through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, ending in Santa Monica, California for a total of 2,448 miles. The route was completed on November 11, 1926 and became known as “the pathway of hope.” It opened the way for people to travel west escaping the Great Depression in search of a better life.

Long before the advent of motor vehicles, or the need for paved roads, Almighty God saw the need for a Route 66 out of hopelessness and despair. A “pathway of hope,” in which God’s people can follow His divine plan for their lives and experience the joy of exploring new horizons. Join me as we start our adventure through the sixty-six books of the Bible. We will not begin in Chicago, but in the Book of Genesis, and our destination will not be Santa Monica, but the Book of Revelation.

Along Route 66 travelers had the opportunity to discover a variety of unique points of interest, from the Largest Ball of Twine to the Grand Canyon. Great places to visit, and the experiences can in some cases be life changing, but you don’t go out to see the sights intending to find a place to live. In this same way, we will not take residence in any book, or for that matter, park for any length of time. We will simply look at each book and glean some truth that may be applied to our lives along the way. As with any journey, there will be periodic detours because of the everchanging world in which we live.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and views. I promise the journey will not be boring. I don’t expect to hear from the backseat, “Are we there yet?”
Bless ya and see ya next week.


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